A little hiccup 

A slight relapse in the journey emotions fly around at this stage, but seeing her cry in person made me realise how much she means to me, feeling her body shake made me feel so much hatred to myself, things are back on track now, we are back compatible but last night was horrible seeing my babygirl cry xxxxxx I’m sorry little princess xxxxxx I love you xxxxxxx 

The 48hr audeal is over 

Babygirl did very well in her 48 hour encounter she reached the point where she was asking to be hurt, saying the words “hurt me daddy” yesterday and this morning, I’m not 100% if she said it because she knows I am a sadistic dominant or if she actually enjoyed it, – She was close to tears and continued asking for more, which I was only too happy to give her, I just hope it’s for the right reasons. Her clit and pussy are sore from the endurance it has gone through but she will now continue to receive daddy 2 times a day (morning and night) I did miss the face slaps as did she (or so she says) – but the piercing is still healing – well done little princess I love you xxxxxxxxxx